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Dr Dyno has been featured in these issues of the American Iron Magazine

December 2002
PART II Screamin' Eagle bolt-on power

April 2003
Dyno Dos And Don’ts
The original article.

May 2006
Dyno Dos And Don’ts, Part I
The original article with revisions
An updated reprint of the first "Dyno Dos and Dont's" from April 2003

June 2006
Dyno Dos And Don’ts, Part II
The jetting dilemma and air-to-fuel ratios.
Details proper dynotuning of carbureted Harleys, including TorqueTuning.

July 2006
Dyno Dos And Don’ts, Part III
Why all dynos don’t necessarily give the same results
Why dynos read differently - some reasons legitimate, others purposely faked.

August 2006
Dyno Dos And Don’ts, Part IV
Electronic fuel injection tuning options
The H-D Race Fueler, Dobeck Performance TFI,
Custom Chrome DFO and Kuryakyn Wild Things FI controller. 

September 2006
Dyno Dos And Don’ts, Part V
Your fuel injection tuning options.

June 2010
Dyno Dos And Don’ts 2010
A new decade ushers in new dyno info
Details changes in dynos and dyno tuning since the May and July 2006 articles.